Monday, October 13, 2008

Tutorial 4: updates


OK I got some feedback from people and am working on making the walk cycle more presentable. Rebecca Sugar taught me a lot about follow through and bounce, so I tried to make the breasts more organic. The skirt is being a lot more problematic... its meant to be tight, but I might have to reconsider it as something loose (and just hand draw the individual keyframes.)

PS: Check out Rebecca's Johnny Noodleneck cartoon!


Larry said...

What a cool hobby! Is this something you're going to make a living at doing?

Haley Humbaugh said...

I see what you changed and its much better! I still adore those hands! And the background is fine I think. Just add a little weight to her and I think this is portfolio piece worthy. Very off =p

Robyn Haley said...

Rebecca taught you? Do you know Rebecca?

Hannah said...

That's awesome! You know Rebecca Sugar! She's an amazing animator. In case you didn't hear me and Robyn talking in class already, I met her when I went to visit Robyn in Maryland. Her and Robyn are close friends. It's so amazing you know her, too.