Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tutorial 4: Walk Cycle

Mostly frame-by-frame cut-out style. I tried drawing swoosh shaped guides to keep the feet and the hands in nicer looking arcs.
I've never done a walk cycle before!
15 fps looks kind of choppy exported. I got the idea from this sweet nockForce video. The hands in it are soo cool and I wanted to do something like that!

PS: If anyone is looking for a subject for their walk cycle may I suggest this


Haley said...

You need to stop showing off lol.
I love the hands..they give such an attitude to the character.
I have to complain about the legs tho. They pop out to far, like her knee is bending inward. Your leg never goes perfectly straight when you walk, it always has a bend. So I would say tweak that alittle and it will be amazingly perfect.
I'm going to go be jealous now.

Ned Hugar said...

Thanks for the comment... I thought I could get away with her leg kick kind of bending her leg backward but I guess that is a little strange! I will have to fix it up.
Plus I am not too happy with the way she goes on this BG I am going to change that too...