Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I've been having trouble uploading this to youtube with the proper frame rate, so until I can figure that out, enjoy this pixel parade.

So far the music and backgrounds are not in yet. I outsourced both these to my friends who didn't get to complete these as of yet. I still feel like my goals for the quarter are completed... I just wanted to focus on the animation.

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Jess said...

NED this is AMAZING and so unlike anything else animated I've seen on TV lately. Your character designs are solid and the animation is really nice despite Youtube. That sequence of them laughing and Cats rolling on the floor is still my favorite, right next to Cats leaning forward and going YOU WOULDN'T. And I mean I'm just so proud of you because I know how talented you are and I feel like this is physical proof of everything I've always said about you behind your back, haha (just kidding. Or am I?)

I can't wait to see where you get to from here because this just re-affirms for me that no matter where that ends up being you're going to kick ass and I can maybe start watching cartoons again if you're involved :) and you can take that to the bank.